Thinking About Applying for a Divorce?

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 For most individuals living in a troubled marriage, talking to a marriage counselor before filing for a divorce is a good idea before the attorneys are brought in. In some situations,  going for couples therapy does offer several significant advantages for both partners, in addition to their marital relationship. However, there are some cases when seeking counselling will, in fact, make matters far worse, especially if the therapist is not specialised in relationships or there is abuse or exploitation happening in the marriage. The pluses and minuses of marriage counselling before filing for divorce greatly depend upon the couple, what their circumstances are, and their ability to get the right outside help.

 Sadly, most couple delay getting counseling until they are close to breaking point. This means any or all negative patterns have developed in their relationship, and these will be hard to stop. Also, ongoing incidents could cause more frustration and depression in both spouses. If a couple seeks a marriage counselor before the divorce but after major damage is done to their relationship, the counseling could prove ineffective and simply prolong the inevitable.

 But, if a couple is committed to their marriage, a skilled counselor could help them to manage their differences in a different way. If a couple pays attention to all the warning signs and seek help quickly, they could find therapy will actually strengthen their relationship, thus ensuring they are able to move past their rough patch and be more in tune with one other.

 One consideration in determining marriage counseling is that most people who provide  counseling have very little training in marital therapy. Which means they could use inappropriate methods or be ignorant regarding the dynamics in different relationships. This could be ineffective or counter-productive counseling advice. But, there are some  specialists who do provide training and certification courses to professional counselors. These will help counselors improve their skills, thus ensuring a more positive end result for their patients.

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