A Reputable Couple Counselor Brings Out Problems That No Marriage Can Survive

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We like to think that all problems can be solved and that everything will be as it once was. But this is not always the case. Although it is important to try and save a marriage, sometimes you need to know when enough is enough. But, such decisions should always be made only when you’re absolutely sure about the consequences they may have over you or your family. A marriage counselor can help you see with clearer eyes the real problems that you’re facing. Here are some of the toughest underlying issues that a couple can experience.

Ceasing to be partners

Small fights and quarrels can be solved as long as both partners are willing to work together towards a resolution. But, when one partner refuses to act as a part of the relationship, then the whole marriage will crumble. Such problems are called “detachment” and they are very hard to fix. The most extreme version of this is domestic violence. You should talk it over with a couple counselor in order to determine whether you should end your marriage or work towards a solution.


Here’s some food for thought: “solving a problem by compromise is more important than being right”. When one of the partners cannot accept accountability, then it’s very hard (if not impossible) for the other to continue being in that relationship. Marriage often calls for compromises. If you’re not ready to accept that, then you may bounce into serious issues later on.


Everyone is narcissist to some extent; however, there are problems that bring the notion to a whole new level. If the partners are unable to empathize with each other, then the marriage will go through a very rough path. Competing over issues such as who had a tougher day, who spends more time with the kids, or who works harder, can raise major issues within a marriage.

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