Our Marriage Counselor Talks about Marriage Problems That Result from Addiction

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If you’re married to an addict, then you know how terrible this disease of addiction can be. Many people watch their partners degrade and suffer due to addiction, whether it is alcoholism, drug addiction, sex addiction, or any other form of addiction. But the truth is that these people suffer too. When you watch the person you love go down the tubes, it’s impossible not to be concerned. But, how do you decide when enough is enough? Here is what a marriage counselor suggests that you should do in such cases.

No doubt, addiction is one of the hardest challenges a marriage can face. It is also one of the most frustrating in the sense that the non-addict will never be able to fully understand the behavior of the addict. We’ve seen many relationships deteriorate due to addiction problems, so make no mistakes – if you don’t seek help soon, the relation will only go from bad to worse.

 Since there are so many variations of addiction, there is no one-cure-fits-all that can be used. Each and every individual reacts and behaves differently to different types of addiction. That is why the respective individual must seek personalized assistance from competitive authorities. The good news is that all types of addiction can be cured. However, this requires a lot of strength, devotion, and ambition from both partners.

 There is a common misconception that the threat of divorce will get an addict in the throes of their addiction to stop. This is not true. Although some addicts may react to the threat of divorce, most of them will only get worse. Addiction goes hand-in-hand with sorrow, depression, and stress. Threatening with divorce will only increase the addict’s craving.

 Some people divorce, others continue to live with the problems, while only a few succeed to repair their relationships. The only way to understand the situation you’re in is to talk it over with a marriage counselor. Therapy has helped numerous couples enjoy recovery from the addiction and go on to live a happy and wholesome married life.

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