The Marriage Counselor You Can Count On

 Do you have trouble communicating with your spouse? Do you fight constantly over child-rearing, housework, and money? Do you feel under appreciated and neglected? If you need a professional to help resolve the issues that stand on the way of your marriage, you should consult an experienced and qualified marriage counselor. At Debra Stern & Associates, we are dedicated to helping people work through their marriage problems in order to accomplish a more fulfilling and deep relationship based on trust and honesty. With more than 28 years years of dedicated service in Oak Park, IL, you can count on us for a professional, attentive, and reliable counseling service that is tailored to meet your individual need and objectives.

 We work closely with couples in order to identify the roots of the issues that prevent them from having a strong and fulfilling marriage. We will help you to better understand and control your emotional reactions as well as your negative contributions to the relationship. We have been helping married couples for a very long time and understand how difficult it can be to turn to a marriage and couple counselor. However, we also know how empowering and productive such a decision can be. Your therapist will teach you the right methods for healthy conflict resolution. We will encourage communication between you and your loved one, and, when necessary, will act as a mediator.

 Each marriage counselor on our team has the credentials and education necessary to deal with your family problems. So, if you feel that you lack the tools to overcome the issues between you and your spouse and want to do everything in your power to save your marriage, be sure to contact Debra Stern & Associates of Oak Park, IL. The first step is always the hardest one, but you can have peace of mind knowing that the things will get a lot easier once you make it. Call your trusted counselor today at (773) 525-7942 before your relationship deteriorates beyond repair.