Important Information Your Counselor Will Need to Know about Your Relationship

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When your relationship is in trouble you cannot resolve yourselves, hiring a professional marriage counselor seems a pretty good idea. If you have never entered a counselor’s office before, you will most probably wonder what questions he/she will ask. We will try to clarify this for you.

Childhood history. An expert will ask you about the childhood of both partners. Although you may think this is not related to your current marriage problems, your past is important. Trying to get to the essence of your issues, they will ask you questions, such as: “What family did you grow up in? What was the relationship between your parents?

  • History of past relationships. This is important too. Your psychologist will need to have more information about your former partners and what your relations were like. Your previous dating experience matters.
  • History of your marriage. You will be asked how you two met, how long you have been dating before you got married, and how you decided to get married. Knowing your marriage history will help your counselor focus on your strengths and reigniting the sparkle of your relationship.
  • Current issues. Of course, that’s the main question. Your psychologist will make you concentrate on your conflicts and the real cause for them. Many couples have communication problems, and they do not share much with each other. It is important to talk openly about your feelings and concerns.
  • Divorce. “Do you want a divorce?” Unless you both give solid ‘yes’ to that question, it is worth keep on trying to save your marriage.
  • “How do you feel about your marriage?” is another common question. Each of you will need to explain the main things that bother you most, such as lack of trust and honor can destroy intimacy.

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