How to Help Your Spouse in Times of Depression

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As depression can take its toll on a marriage, it is really important to learn how to support your partner when things are not going that well for him/her. Here are a few tips to help you behave appropriately in such situations:

  • 1. Do not get offended by the state of your partner, there is nothing personal in his or her attitude. Love cannot cure depression, so trying to artificially cheer up your partner will rather have a negative than a positive effect.
  • 2. If your spouse has trouble going to work or even getting out of bed, then the problem has become really big. In such cases it will be a good idea to consult one or a couple of couple counselors and learn how to overcome this situation together and eliminate apathy.
  • 3. Always be supportive – Tell your partner that you have noticed the change and share your concerns with him/her. A lack of interest in usual activities can certainly signal someone is depressed. In such case you should urge your partner not to quit. For instance, if your wife used to go to dance classes but suddenly stopped, you’d better suggest that you go together to bring back her good mood. If your spouse refrains from doing some regular activities, your encouragement to continue will be of great importance.
  • 4. Help with whatever you can and encourage your partner to speak to you before visiting couples therapy. But do not help with things which can encourage his/her depression. For instance, if your husband is in bed because of depression, do not bring him food and drinks in bed as you will encourage his behavior. Instead of this, suggest that you go out for a walk and have dinner together.
  • 5. Let your spouse take responsibility in his treatment. If your husband, for example, does not want to drink the prescribed pills, then think of a gentle reminder to make him do it. Any begging or constant reminding can only make the situation worse.

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