Is Your Family Falling Apart Due to an Affair?

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When looking for a family counselor service, you should first consider the needs of your family, including the kind of counseling required by all your family members. You should look into the reputation of the counseling service and their credentials as therapists. Should you not have insurance or be worried about the costs, try to find a family counseling service which provides services free of charge or at a low cost or that offers a sliding scale. If at all possible, choose a service which specializes in treating families, not just individuals or couples.

Should your family be having difficulties and you feel that having family therapy would be a good idea, you may want to contact a family counseling service for help and advice. The availability will sometimes depend upon the community which you reside in,  bigger towns and cities may offer more choices than smaller ones or rural areas. You could ask your family doctor for a referral, your children’s school social worker, or even your office’s employee assistance program should it have one. Some religious organizations offer family therapy, so you could ask your clergyman or priest for their referral.

When getting in touch with a family counselor, you should first speak to their intake worker. Make sure to explain the problems your family is going through. Some services could match you with a therapist that has more experience with counseling families that have similar problems. For instance, should a member of your family be using drugs or alcohol, you could be provided with a therapist that has experience with working with addicts. Ask about appointments. Evening or weekends could be more convenient for family members. It is also wise to choose a counselor that you can get to easily, by either driving, walking, or taking public transport.

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