The Couple Counselor Who Cares

 Are you sick and tired of having that same old fight over and over again? Do you feel unhappy and undervalued? Do you feel your relationship isn’t going anywhere? If so, Debra Stern & Associates can help. We understand that maintaining a positive and productive relationship can be quite challenging and even stressful at times. Therefore, our qualified team of experienced counselors on Oak Park, IL is dedicated to helping people get their relationship and marriage back on track. Our couple counselor can help solve your problems, end the tension, and assist you in finding new perspectives for you and your spouse.

 Our closest relationship, be it civil partnership, co-habitation, or marriage, is based on intimacy, mutual understanding, appreciation, and trust. Unfortunately, it can stop working for a number of reasons. When that happens, we are affected deeply, and our health and happiness suffer. A failing repetition can bring a lot of sorrow, misery, and pain. Therefore, before you give up on the once happy and fulfilling relationship with the person you still love and care for, be sure to seek the help of a professional and attentive couple counselor. A polite and experienced family and marriage counselor from Debra Stern & Associates of Oak Park, IL is your best chance to strengthen and revive your relationship or marriage.

 We apply a number of of tried and tested therapy methods to help foster communication, patience, honesty, as well as sensitivity between you and your partner. During each counseling session, our qualified therapist encourages frank and open discussion, mutual understanding, role-playing, along with other helpful practices to help you rebuild your relationship and even make it more productive and stronger than it ever was. Do not let relationship issues stand on your way to happiness.

 For more information or to book a session, you can reach our polite representatives at (773) 525-7942. Call us today!