5 Signs That You Should Seek Counseling

Professional counseling isn’t only for those cases when you actually have a mental health condition. And it may not be necessary in your even hardest of times, but only if you have a strong network of friends and family to support you. How, then, can you know it is time to seek therapy? Debra Stern & Associates, in Oak Park, IL, points out five common signs this time may have come.

  1. Experiencing extreme emotions like sadness or anger to a point when you don’t even recognize yourself anymore. Such feelings can indicate a mental issue, which could improve with therapy. If you are losing sleep or oversleeping, or eat more or less than usual due to such emotions, this could be a sign that you need to see a therapist. Also, if you have no desire to see or communicate with people due to being very much “down,” you very probably need professional help.
  2. Drug, alcohol, food, or sex abuse. This is definitely an indication that your coping mechanisms have become less reliable. Such addictive or compulsive behavior often requires treatment.
  3. You are dealing with the loss of a loved one. Whether it is divorce or the death of a person close to you that you are facing, you may need the assistance of experts to get through your difficult times.
  4. You have experienced another type of trauma. Were you the victim of a crime or an accident? Perhaps you are suffering from a chronic disease? In all these cases, it may be very helpful to consult a specialist in order to learn the healthy ways of dealing with trauma.
  5. You no longer like the things you liked to do. Loss of interest in your favorite activities is also a sign that something may be wrong with your mental health. Take timely measures by turning to a good counselor, who can find the root of the issue and help you overcome it.

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