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We provide counseling and therapy services in the Oak Park, Chicago, Naperville, IL and surrounding areas. If you have problems in your family or in your intimate relationships, we are here to help. Our company has knowledgeable professionals who deal with a variety of problems, both straightforward and more complex.  Should you need an individual, family or couples counselor, you can rely on our experienced professionals. We provide a warm, supportive, confidential, environment where you can explore and begin to resolve whatever issues you’re experiencing. Trust Debra Stern & Associates as your professional counselor!

by Emily McDonald on Debra Stern & Associates

The way you perform your counseling is very impressive, and it shows that you are very well prepared to offer a reasonable solution for any kind of problem. Thank you for all your help and commitment!

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Debra Stern & Associates
Address: 1010 Lake St #502a, Oak Park, IL 60301
Phone: (773) 525-7942

If you are struggling personally or in your relationships with others, Professional family counselor in Oak Park, IL which has you feeling distressed, then a family counselor is a good option for you. It is not only recommended, but if not understood and a solution found, the conflict can go deeper and more serious help will be required. Depending on your situation, our professionals will assess your situation and recommend a course of treatment.

No matter what the type of relationship – between couples, family members, coworkers, friends or between you and people you meet everyday, our counseling and therapy have helped hundreds of people over the years. You can always rely on our professionalism and experience. Our counselors are professionals at identifying and managing a wide variety of problems you may present.  They are discreet and respect your confidentiality, so you do not have to worry that someone else will find out about your problems. Everything in our office is only between you and our professional.

Top notch couples conselors can help you!In today’s fast paced world, change is inevitable, causing pressure and stress for many people. Learning how to cope and manage these stressors is critical to living a healthy and productive life.

Debra Stern & Associates are professionals that are comfortable identifying and helping you find solutions to everyday problems. We understand peoples’ needs and their desires. If you have any concerns, no matter how small, we are always here to help you. We will work with you to find the best clinician available to deal with your specialized need.

If you want to improve your life circumstances or your love relationship you can contact our couple counselors, and therapists today and begin your healing journey.

Just call our number (773) 525-7942 to schedule your first appointment!